Being married doesn’t ends at having a lavish wedding ceremony and gathering crowds to come watch you on your day.. As a husband and head of the family you owe your wife and yourself the responsibilities of making sure you live up to the expectations of having the qualities of a good man/husband. These also will require you to be patient and make some unwilling sacrifices so that peace will reing. made a research and came up with the following tips on how to be a good husband. Enjoy!!!

1. Never lie. Be truthful always and sincere to your wife

2. Be a gentleman. Avoid over reacting and learn to hand marital issues with maturity and calmness

3. Be respectful. Respect your wife as you would want her to respect you and never ever take her for granted

4. Dont be lazy. Help in house chores and domestic works

5. Never cheat. Be faithful and never cheat on your wife she will love and respect you more

6. Dont be selfish. Some men are greedy and selfish even to themselves. Please always share the little you have with you wife.

7. Dont be abusive. Respect your wife and never use her past, flaws and weakness to always insult and hurt her let bygones be bygones

8. Be open always talk to her about how you feel about things and how your day was everyday after work dont pile up hate and issues in your heart

9. Make her feel important. Be quick tointroduce her to friend and family and always remind her of your much love and care for her

10. Show her that you love her.Take her on surprise outings gets her gifts and always remember birthday and anniversary dates

11. Be supportive. Assist her in all ways and help her to succeed in all her endeavourse

12. Be romantic. Spend a lot of your free time with her and make sure you are her personal porn star.