1 – Don’t endure domestic abuse in a
marriage because of your kids and what
people will say. If you die as a result, the
man, the people and the kids will bid you
dust-to-dust, he will marry another
woman and she will take your place as
the mother of your kids. It’s that simple!
2 – If you allow your parents’ pressure

(even for a grandchild) push you into
marriage, you may end up a single-mom.
3 – A man that slaps you before
marriage will build a boxing ring after
marriage. Guess who his opponent will be
– YOU!
4 – The way to a man’s heart is no
longer his stomach but the quality of your
5 – If your man must be Tall, Dark and
Handsome then be ready to be the 2nd
best because what you desire, others’
seek too.
6 – When you are already living with
him before marriage, he won’t propose
7 – If you are yet to know any member
of his family after 6 – 12 months of
courting him, then, is either he wants you
as his baby-mama or a back-up plan.
8 – If he doesn’t discuss future plans
with you in the picture, he just want a
9 – Even when you trust each other, a
little jealousy reminds him that you care.
10 – Men loves a listener. No matter
how much you want your opinion to
push through, listen to his details and
don’t counter it.
11 – Your encouragement or concern
about his career or job works faster than
listening to a motivational tape.
12 – Don’t waste your years waiting
for an unserious man to propose just
because his parents loves you, you’re
gonna be married and living with the
man, not his parents.
13 – When you seek his advice, you
make him feel more of a man than he is.
14 – If what attracted him to you are
your bosoms and the sexy legs you
flaunted, the contents of your brain had
better keep him, else, there are too many
well-rounded and bigger bosoms waiting
to snatch him away.
15 – Men love sex, at least 95% that
I’m aware of. To him, if you can’t
continue, don’t start! If you start, don’t
stop! Be careful!
16 – An engagement ring isn’t an
assurance for marriage, it could possibly
make you his regular sex-mate.