The economy of Nigeria is in recession, and most companies and industries don’t have the financial capabilities to employ graduates anymore. The retrenchment rate is on the increase, and this will increase the number of unemployed youths, thus increasing the rate of unemployed women.

A mum’s responsibilities include taking care of the home, training the kids to be the best, amongst others, which require lots of time and energy. Most mums don’t even have the time to take up a full- time job and with the economic issues we are facing in Nigeria, a mum needs to contribute her quota to the family finances, in a way of augmenting what is already provided by the head of the family (Father).

Now since getting a job is a problem, and a mum’s financial effort needs to be felt in a home, hence, the need to getting a business idea to make money from home is very important.

I will share with you 5 most achievable business ideas a stay-at- home mum can take- up, and make a good profit from.

1. Selling unused items:

Description: There are lots of unused items we allow to waste away because we generally believe they are not useful anymore. Used clothes, shoes, and bags can be sold to people that will like to buy them at a cheaper rate if they are still in good shape.

Other unused home appliances that are in good conditions can be placed on your social media platforms and put up for sales.

Also, unused clothes can be turned into the making of pillow, shoes, and sold out at a good price.

Profit: N2,000-N40,000 per sale (estimated).

Tools needed: Sewing machine, old clothes, old home appliances.

Tips: Make up your mind if you really want to sell your unused items, do a lot of advertisement about what you sell, go pro by advertising online.

2. Babysitting:

Description: The UNICEF estimates that an average of 353,000 babies are born each day around the world. Isn’t that amazing how you can make a lot of money babysitting for working mums? Most working mums are not allowed to carry their babies with them to their workplace/offices, so they need nannies that would take care of their babies for them, at a good price.
A babysitting business require a neat and serene environment; which you can start from your home, it is easy to run, and a lot of profit can be made running this business.

Profit: N3,000-N50,000 per week (estimated)

Tools needed: clean space (Home or rented), baby toys, baby beds, television (optional), cooking utensils, 1-2 helping hands, consultant doctor(should any health issue arises), Security officer.

3. Selling of recharge cards and internet data bundles:

Description: Communication is key in the life of an individual. Effective communication is an essential tool that enables us to better understand and connect with people far and near to us.
The need to get informed about happenings around the world has increased the rate at which people use the internet.

The sales of recharge cards can be done at a small, medium or larger scale, and a lot of units can be sold within a short period of time.

There are four major network providers in Nigeria, and they all sell internet bundles to consumers. You can buy a larger internet data bundles from all network providers and sell at a smaller unit, with a lot of profit to be made from it.

Just ensure that you advertise your products well to your customers.

Profit: N200-N1000 per day (small scale), N1000- N3000 per day (medium scale), N3000-N10,000 per day (larger scale).

Tools needed: Biro, staple machine, calculator, mobile device, safe or bag, space (optional if selling from home), capital (depending on the scale you will like to start with).

Tips: Be serious with the business, don’t spend the profit, be consistent, and don’t sell on credit to any customer, even to yourself, lol..

4. Tutoring and selling of cakes and snacks:
Description: If you have the knowledge of making snacks such as small chops, and cakes, then you can start making smaller quantities from your kitchen and selling them from home, or supplying them to a supermarket that might be interested in buying from you.

Events such as weddings, naming ceremonies, do require the services of caterers for food preparations, making of snacks, cakes and a lot of profit can be made from this business.
You can also put up your cake and snacks tutorial adverts on social media platform, in order for you to tutor people and get paid.

Profit: N1000- N20,000 per day (depending on the number of orders you sell per day)

Tools needed: Cooking utensils, baking tools, and equipment, materials for baking, baking skills (very important).

Tips: Learn how to bake very well, advertise your products online, create a good business name and business card, tell people about your skills whenever you attend any event/outing.

5. Production and selling of hand- crafted products:
Description: Do you have a knowledge about making handcrafts, such as beads, baby shoes, or clothes? Then you have an opportunity of making money from this business venture.

In order to maximise profit, you need to be good at your chosen craft, get a good packaging for your products, and get them advertised to those who might be interested in buying them.
Profit: N1000- N10,000 per day (estimated).

Tools: Equipment and materials needed for your chosen hand-craft, space to display your products.

Tips: Advertise your products online, create a good business name and business card, wear your products, and tell people about your products whenever you attend any event/outings. These business ideas are achievable because, I am into two of these businesses, baking of cakes, snacks, and bead making. Also, any of them can be started from home and an only little amount of money is required if you want to start small.
If you are a stay-at-home-mom, or you need a business that would augment your salary, then you need to maximise opportunities around you and start one of these businesses, as it will be of great achievement to you.

I encourage you to start a business you are good at, define your goals, and take that bold step towards achieving the best for yourself.

Wishing you success always!