American Private Jet Company, TapJets Reveal That Dammy Krane Booked a Jet With Stolen Credit Card
Dammy Krane has secured bail after he was arrested for grand theft auto and credit card fraud yesterday, however, he headed straight to twitter to deny any wrong doing, insinuating that he didnt use any stolen credit card (OR he was set up), this is what he tweeted: Unfortunately for our brother, the did has been done and to be honest, we at Naijapals think he did it, its unfortunate that its only those caught that are the thieves, Dammy Krane was naive to think things dont work in other countries, like it is in Nigeria, what can drive a budding artist to such a heinous crime is beyond imagination, anyway, this is what the private jet company tweeted to confirm that Dammy Krane actually used a stolen credit card in the USA