It was a black Monday on February 13 for members of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), the Root of David Area Headquarters, in Abuja.

The church situated in Apiawe village, DeiDei, via Kubwa, FCT, was said to have been invaded and set on fire at around 5am on that fateful day by people believed to be religious extremists. The hoodlums left with musical instruments and other valuables worth millions of naira belonging to the church before they finally set it on fire.

The pastor-in-charge of the parish, Pastor Oladele Stephen, said he got a call from one of his members, telling him the church had been burnt down.

“They made away with our generating set, musical instruments, chairs and microphones and set the building on fire. We reported the matter to the police, but no arrest was made,” he said.

Expressing disappointment over the recent attack, the pastor said the church was attacked some weeks ago by some suspected religious fundamentalists, who broke into the church through the ceiling and made away with six ceiling fans, speakers and microphones.

Oladele said that these extremists taunt them during church programmes by burning grass near the place of worship, making heavy smoke into the auditorium during worship. He said they also sell and smoke hemp everyday near the church of God.

The pastor also stated that the matter had been reported to the provincial headquarters of the church and the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN). The cleric said: