Two-time MAMA “Best Female Act”, Yemi Alade shared a couple of attention-grabbing features about herself. Mama Africa as she is fondly addressed reflected on her past and how far she has come.

Yemi Alade spoke in regards to the instances she harboured ideas of quitting music if it doesn’t work out as deliberate. She talked about that if issues went out of hand she would mud her certificates and search a white collar job.

Yemi made known her plans in the direction of getting married.

The music diva shared these and extra in an interview with the Sun newspaper.  Listed here are some excerpts.

Could you share the journey of your humble beginning? 

You know, music is a very intensive financial project. Omo, the hustle tough then ohMoney no dey to even use record the song wey you wan use blow.  Then I would meet producers and beg them to help out. I would volunteer to buy fuel for the generator so that at least, they can help me do a song. You know that kain thing. However, I thank God for Effizy Music Group for believing in me and investing what they had in my career. Ever since I have been moving higher and higher.

It is a popular trend that female celebrities date their male managers…

Male Manager nor be human being? The managers are there to take care of the career. But seriously, if I had a female manager would you be asking me all these? 

Yemi Alade is among the top 10 most successful music stars in Nigeria. When is she getting married?

Well, whenever God decides.

So, in other words, you are still looking for your Johnny?

No! Not at all. He should be the one looking for me, I am tired of looking.

Did you ever think of quitting?

I have a BSc in Geography so when things got pretty tough I told myself ‘if worse comes to worst, I will dust up my certificate and pick up a white collar job.’ I thought about that alternative several times. It was God and the passion that kept me going.