iOS 11 release date is here, at least for public beta testers who want to install it on their iPhone and iPad in these early stages. 

What’s it like? Is it worth the hassle of testing unfinished software? We’ve added  our updated thoughts on each and every new iOS 11 feature below.

We’ve heard word that the second public beta of iOS 11 has been release and we’re busy testing it out. Be on the lookout for an update coming soon.

iOS 11 is transforming your iPhone and iPad, and Apple’s update is either out right now or just a few months away, depending on who you are.

It’s an especially big upgrade for the iPad. Apple’s tablet becomes a possible laptop replacement (for some people) with revamped iOS multitasking. Both the iPad and iPhone get a much-needed Control Center reorganization, too.

There are new camera modes, Siri is smarter, and iOS 11 (finally) thrusts Apple to the forefront of augmented reality innovation. The iPhone 8’s AR rumors are all but confirmed at this point.

Here’s everything you’ll experience in the iOS 11 beta that’s now open to the public.

iOS 11 dock makes iPad multitasking easy

The new iPad Pro 10.5 and iPad Pro 12.9 are becoming a laptop replacement for many people, and iOS 11 makes that easier to realistically pull off.

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New multi-tasking grid view with a redesigned Control Center

iOS 11 includes a dock just like a Mac computer, and it follows you from app-to-app along the bottom. It’s hidden, but you can always swipe up to access it.

The bottom app dock also shows up in the multitasking menu, which is now laid out in a grid. It’s so much easier to jump between apps now, like on a MacBook.

iOS 11 release date

Now that all of the iOS 11 news is out there – and before we get to the rest of the changes – let’s stop to tell you when the iOS 11 release date happens.)

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iOS 11 will launch this autumn, according to Apple, but developers enrolled in Apple’s developer program can download iOS 11 now, at least in its early form.

You can test it out, too, as Apple just launched the iOS 11 public beta on June 26, 2017 and it works on both the iPhone and iPad.

iOS 11 puts Apple Pencil to the test

Apple Pencil is a great little tool for the iPad Pro series, but our one complaint in our iPad Pro 9.7 review was that you can’t use it everywhere you’d like to in apps.


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Take notes, even from the lock screen. It saves in Notes, don’t worry.

You can markup with the Apple Pencil right from PDFs and images

Text, move out of the way. I’m drawing here!

Scan and sign documents without the need for a multi-function printer


Document Scanner in Notes defeats the need to painstakingly scan important documents that you need to sign.

It scans, crops edges, removes tilt and glare and lets you fill in the blanks or sign away with an Apple Pencil.