Many men wonder why women are the largest part of any religious gathering not just in Nigeria but all around the world.

The truth is that many of them are so emotional than their male counterpart, this is why it take most of them time to get over break-up.

Religion is a way of life which must be taken emotionally or you get distracted easily, this is why it is so hard to convince a woman in love.

Because of this sincere emotion and passion the women have towards religious service they tend to respect the religious leaders more than their husband.

How many women will you see kneeling down to greet or serve their husband?

Whereas, they can even enter into the ground to greet a religious leader to show the level of respect.

Some women will appear to their religious leaders as saint when they just engaged in a duel of weapons with their husband.

Most women become actress at the sound of the voice of their religious leaders
They assume their religious leader to be god that they worship, they view them as a completely perfect being forgetting that they are also human being and servant of which anyone can be called no matter the age or gender.

The funniest part is that women even respect the female religious leader who is of same gender with them than their husband.

This is one of the causes of marriage failure for some union.

We really need to change our orientation about the way we see some things.

I remember listening to one religious leader who said that you have given him poison when you respect him while you disrespect the man that tied the knot with you on the altar.

He said if you cannot kneel down for your man don’t kneel for him as this is common among women.

Though we all pretend at different instances. Men too have their issues, like those who through their innocence you will have deduced they haven’t known any woman even after 4 children.

The issue of discussion for this post is women, so we shouldn’t delve. Please change this bias attitude.

Your husband is even more important than the religious leaders as they can aid your commitment to God faster than you can reach your spiritual leader.

Don’t forget if they don’t allow you there will be limit to the belief, don’t let them to start cursing the religious leader when you do to them(the religious leader) what you lack with them(your husband) at home or even outside, God is a jealous God let alone human being His creation