It may be history repeating itself all over again as Nigeria’s President remains incommunicado after 60 days since his trip to London on medical grounds.

A CIA source in London has revealed to LeadersNG that the President is in a vegetative state and in his own words “as good as dead”. The CIA source also says that the US is monitoring the political situation in Nigeria and are suspicious of an impending coup.

You would recall that President Buhari has not made a Public appearance for over 60 days and has not been seen even in pictures as at the time of this report. The President’s party spokesperson Bolaji Abdullahi has openly admitted that no one in the APC party structure knows the current health condition of the president.

LeadersNG has earlier reported that Bashir Abubakar, the President’s CSO had barred his wife, family members and ministers from seeing the President and this is even without the knowledge of the ailing President whose alleged audio recording wishing Nigerian Muslims a “Happy Eid” in Hausa language was strongly suspected to be doctored.

There has been no official statement from the Presidency to the questions of his health, instead a power play has ensued in Aso Rock as a very desperate cabal struggles to grab all it can from the shelves of Nigeria’s crude rents before the end of Buhari’s Presidency is officially declared.

While the Presidency is yet to refute a claim by a former British MP that Nigeria’s President is dead, our CIA says that he is as good as dead and remains permanently incapacitated and cannot continue as Nigeria’s President.