His 1979 documentary “Music is the Weapon”, Afro-beat progenitor and Nigerian revolutionary leader Fela Anikulapo Kuti famously said, “As far as Africa is concerned, music cannot be for enjoyment, Music has to be for revolution”

CCMB record artiste, Tunde 2Deep releases a music documentary he titled Movement of the People (M.O.P).

In Nigeria today, the military rule is long gone but many things in the country remain the same. Our economy is walking on crutches, poverty is still prevalent in our society, the majority of the populace is still suffering and smiling. All these has prompted 2deep’s latest song, it represents a much needed break from the commercial norm that has pervaded the industry.

On Monday 6th of February 2baba was to lead a nationwide march against a government that has left its people “Poor and desperate”. The Revolution begins, the movement of the people begins and 2deep for one stands for the ordinary man affected by these rigorous times.

The dark, raw and gritty documentary got its name from the political party Fela created to inspire the nation and 38 years later, rising sensation, Tunde 2Deep has decided to make it the title of his rallying cry. One can perhaps hope that 2deeps new song, especially in times like this set the platform for conversations about the kind of Nigeria we want to live in.

VideoLink: https://youtu.be/n0TkXaA563k
Audiolink: https://itunes.apple.com/ke/album/mop-single/id1152868930
Instagram/twitter: @2deeptunde